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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Stranger Things

It's not only a great show on Netflix, it's a good summary of the past year REGARDLESS of your political leanings.

Many thanks to those of you who continue to visit and comment. I don't have any plans to return, but I will give a free plug to Kernan at TRADEthemove.com. He's posted some good charts you can view for free (click on "Charts"), and his Dow prediction was on the money. I think we'll soon see an end to the rally that started when Trump was elected last year.


Anonymous said...

Always shocking to me when I get an indicator showing a new post from Trader X in my news aggregator. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking in and the heads up on how extended the current rally is! After reading your blog backward and forward several times and implementing a combination of your strategies I finally feel like I have a handle on what I’m doing. Thanks for leaving it up! Seeing the changes you’ve made over the years was very helpful. I also took note when comments from followers were featured more than once. I’m currently trading 2 min charts with the fib lines draw from the previous close to the current open but keeping an eye on significant intraday opening range levels as well. Shorting the weakest of the weak and buying the strongest of the strong. I wish I had found you earlier! MAS