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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Elite Trader

I was dismayed to find the current state of the Elite Trader site when I checked in this weekend. It seems to have gone off the deep end - racist and pornographic threads, with no apparent attempt to moderate or delete offensive material.

I do not visit often, but it is clearly time to cut the ties completely. We all have better things to do with our time than get tied up in hate filled "conversations" with anonymous idiots on the Internet. If you spend your time filling your mind with that garbage, it will start to affect your life and performance as a trader. After all, what you put into your mind is what your personality and actions will reflect.

As far as the porn - I have no problem with that per se. But not on a supposed "traders" website!!!

I was very disappointed to see what it has become, and even more disappointed to see that the people running ET have allowed it to become that.


Jon said...

I agree that it is poorly moderated with a bunch of anonymous idiots bashing each other but there are still some gems tucked away in there.

Peter said...

lol. I did a Google search on ET, and your link was the third one. This post was made over three years ago, but could not be more true today.


Anonymous said...

ET is poorly moderated so there is a great of false and inaccurate financial information on the site, and the owners turn a blind eye to outrageous racist, Antisemitic, and anti-American posts from its members.

A disgusting site wrapped in a golden wrapper!

Anonymous said...

ET has gone full Stormfront. I think the bloom is off the rose. With its best days behind it, the radical Right Wing fringe has become its mainstream. Think of a once sparkling shopping mall whose anchor tenants and other name retailers have gone, only to be replaced by shady stores with dusty shelves, half empty and half filled with questionable merchandise. That is the ET of today. Too bad. It was a worthwhile place to visit for a time. And while there remain some good people on its boards, their number continues to diminish like clockwork