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Monday, August 01, 2005

Leaving New York...

Wall Street Subway entrance outside Trinity Church.

Circumstances brought me to New York/New Jersey from my home in Texas over two years ago. And, it has been a great experience. I have spent time on Wall Street, gotten to know people at over a dozen Hedge Funds, hung out on Park Avenue (The Waldorf is the best spot for free wi-fi!), been to Connecticut, Boston, PA, and numerous places in between.

Most important - I have seen the Yankees play multiple times - including the Cub's first visit to Yankee Stadium since the 1938 World Series!

Now circumstances are bringing me back to Texas. I love Texas - it is a great place. But NYC and several other places on the East Coast will go on my "Top-10" places to live and spend time, along with locations like San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago - all places where I have been fortunate enough to either live or spend extended periods of time.

So, until I make it back - goodbye. And, I highly recommend it.

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