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Friday, February 24, 2006

Housekeeping and Viewer Mail

Hey everyone - I am feeling better and trading today; I am in a few good set-ups from this morning and will post charts over the weekend. I will try to put up a few extra charts to make up for my day of absence.

Also, thanks to all of you who emailed me remedies - I printed them out and have them in my "library" to try in the future. It takes time to put those things in an email, and I really appreciate it.

Finally, I got this email from a reader:

"Why is it that you do not talk about a stock until after the market has closed? How can we tell you are actually trading the stocks you mention when you post in this matter? Any monkey can talk about it after the fact. Perhaps you can post a few before they move or when you buy them."

Most of you know the answer to this question - if not, here it is: I make a living from trading, not writing a blog. If I was running a chat service or trying to sell you something, it would be a different story. I don't.

I post my thoughts and trades because it is fun for me, I like to think I help other people, and I love the interaction with my readers. I have readers that I interact with regularly, and readers who email me trades they make every few days...and, I learn a lot from them.

If you are looking for someone to give you daily picks, this blog is not for you. If you are looking for someone to share with you what I trade, and what my thought process is for entering and exiting trades, welcome! You can always click on the "Google Ads" up top if you want a "get rich quick" site!!!

edit - not to bite the hand that feeds "Good Karma" with my Google Ads remark - I have no control over what appears there, and there are some really good sites that pop up in that box. But, there are also some that make me laugh out loud.

(I DO have control over what appears on the right which is why you won't see "get rich quick" sites there)

edit (again) - ok, ok...if someone offers six-figures to put an ad on the right, I will probably take it. Rest assured, if you see "Bubba's Penny Stock Picks - 1000% Return GUARANTEED" somewhere on the right, I was paid well for it...

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