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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bed bugs

In my past professional life, I traveled a lot; like 3 weeks a month.

I was always paranoid about all of the hotels and motels I stayed in, but luckily never had any really bad experiences. Now it seems that this whole bed bug thing has really been at the forefront for the past year or two. I am such a "germaphob", it always worries me.

And, now that I saw this picture I may never sleep in a hotel/motel again.

Note - Yahoo! constantly moves its content, so if you link to it chances are that before too long you will get a dead link like this one. I have quit linking to their content because of it.

And, I have spent the night in a motel in the Catskills!!!

Now that I have scarred your thoughts, go make some good trades!


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