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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday's action

Some good short opportunities this morning - RCL was a "quick hit" off a break of the fourth bar low.

Hope you guys are making some good trades today, and I will post a few charts tonight.

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Zoomie said...

Nice trade!! Only traded 2 today, NSTK short off 3rd candle, and TLAB long. Still in both. Took TLAB off 2nd candle hammer-like. Would you Have taken TLAB? Check out put/call ratio....low!!

Chris said...

tlab was a nice trade. It reversed a few cents shy of the extension, though. I think that is why X says use a "wide line"?

I don't short gap ups...I have lost too much on them.

Trader-X said...

Yes on the wide line. I usually look at targets as + or - a few cents. If you view the target as the wide line you usually don't get burnt on those reversals. Having said that - TLAB may not be finished yet! I liked the trade, but I don't know if I would have taken the second bar - maybe the eighth or ninth. But that's just me - the second bar was a good trade on your part Zoomie!

Zoomie said...

Thanks Chris. I am still long TLAB. I hold till end of day. I have only been daytrading a few months, and I find I am not very good at spotting reversals, so I was cutting my winners way too soon before.

Zoomie said...

TraderX, I am too impatient at times to get trades on. I do wait for 3 candles now as you said they have higher odds if you wait for 3 candles....15 min. You did say that, correct? Thanks for taking time to reply today, BTW!!

Trader-X said...

In my experience, you get the best reliability after the third bar. But, I will take entries after the second.

Now, taking an entry after the first bar is like gambling - they are not reliable at all. But trust me, sometimes I am tempted! The worst thing that can happen is you get some big wins on those first bars - you keep trading them and you will end up negative eventually!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, I wasnt too excited about NSTK till I looked at Daily chart. There is an island reversal there, and today it gapped toward that resistance. I never used to short gap ups either, till I discovered Traderx's site ;).