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Monday, April 03, 2006


I have noticed a 10-fold increase in SPAM over the past few days on my personal email address. Has anyone else noticed the same thing?



Dave C said...

I have not yet noticed and hope I won't see an increase in SPAM. I do use my personal email address ONLY for friends and family. Despite that, I still get around 2-3 SPAM email a month. I have an email for every other function: one for spam, one for online purchases, etc...

Jose said...

I haven't notice that on my accounts...exactly the same amount of trash...10 a day x 4 accounts = 20 minutes cleaning

txtrader said...

Hey X,

I just checked my comments on my website(slytrader) and noticed an increase in spam there.I had 35 comments that were all bogus,spam.I'd say that is an increase,as far as email yeah always seems to get worse.Just stopping by.