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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday's action

First, I am behind on emails. If you are waiting for a response, it may take a few days. Sorry!

Second, some good action this morning. I actually need to close a few positions, as I have more open than I prefer...a few standouts are EZPW off the third bar and PPDI off the fifth bar. I am watching to see if they stall out between the high and Fibonacci extension, or make it all the way to the target. But, nice gains so far.

Check back tonight for charts.

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Chris said...

I got UFPI off the 4th bar...to the moon! Welcome back X. Weather in Houston looks great too, but I hear you guys are having blackouts???

Trader-X said...

Nice trade Chris. Watch that 1/2 way point.

Rolling blackouts in Houston = yes. Hit me for 15-minutes when I was trying to post charts last night. Nothing today, luckily. Weather has been gorgeous.

Dave C said...

There are some good trades out there! Good call on EZPW and PPDI. Unfortunately I missed them!

Instead I went with KWK (break of 2nd bar: nice u-turn play), BHP break of 3rd bar, and EOG break of 2nd bar.

Hope everyone is having a good trading day!

Trader-X said...

Great trades, Dave C.