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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wednesday's action

The day is starting out nice. ASML was a "quick hit" that just reached the target; entry off a break of the third bar high. BIDU is looking good - I am waiting to see if it stalls at the 50% mark. Charts later tonight. I hope you guys have a great day.

"I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."
---Michael Jordan

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Trader-X said...

BIDU is all over the place - too wild for me. I closed 1/2 after $1 gain, and the other 1/2 +.55.

GRP hit the target after some wild swings.

I have a few more open positions - I will close them soon and probably take the rest of the day off...it looks like a good day to ride my mountain bike. And, it has been a great morning!

Feel free to post your trades if so inclined.

Tim said...

I traded ALL and JCI above the first bar high (15-minute). Not exactly your method, but a set-up I trade after studying your method. Like you always say, take what you do and make it your (my) own. Thanks for the blog.

Trader-X said...

Tim - that is what I say. Congrats on two big gainers.

Gene said...

Scanning prophet.net never ever showed ASML, BIDU as gappers...

Mountain bikes are great, that's where I'm headed later this afternoon.

Trader-X said...

It must have been one of my other sources that I list. Also, there were some good sources listed on the post last week.

I think I get a pretty full picture using the following:

(a) Briefing.com
(b) CNBC - pre-market trades (on the lower ticker) about 30-minutes prior to the open
(c) inet - see comments in the post referenced above for the exact URL...I sort by percent change and take everything above 5% gap up/down
(d) Prophet.net - provided it is up and running!
(e) My list in RealTick

Gives me more than enough to focus on - in fact, too much. Which is why I sort by volume and try to stay in the top half of the list.

Charles said...

FYI - Trader-X has his Prophet scan set to only return gaps above/below the previous day's high/low. You can get a lot more results by tweaking the scan parameters, which would include both BIDU and ASML.

John Wheatcroft said...

TX - I can't find that inet listing (I had it in my bookmarks and underwent a browser bookmark crash and hadn't backed that up yet). Could you list it again.

I picked up ESLR off Prophet this AM and went in off the 4th bar. True to my nature I'll ride this puppy for awhile.

Barb said...

John, it is at the bottom of this page (kind of a long url):


John Wheatcroft said...

And thank you Barb - got it back again. I like this inet site.