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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I can't sneak out today, but I may try to sneak out early Thursday or Friday to catch this. Let me know if any of you see it - I am really excited about it.



Rickey said...

Howard Stern said it was good.

sung said...

Hey Trader-X,
Did u short PKE?

sung said...

Here you go. More reasons to get excited.


Trader-X said...

No on pke - you?

Cool site...the spiderman trailer looks great.

sung said...

Negative trader-x. I did not like the thin volume, so I shorted RFMD @ $5.59. Below 2nd candlestick (30min).
I knew you would like the site! Since you enjoy thesuperficial.

John said...

Hello TX,

I am new to your blog, but have been reading it avidly for the past few days. I do have a question. When you say you go in on a break of the high or low of a particular candle (say the 3rd), do you wait for the current candle (4th) to close above or below, or do you enter as soon as it breaks?

Thanks very much!

Clive J said...

Hi all,

Torrid day for me. Done mothing. Looked at RFMD but didn't like the long tail on 1st candle. I'm just too fussy. That's probably why I'm sitting here having done zero.

Anyone else found any action?

Clive J

Rarefactor said...

I have a question..I shorted FUL on the break of the 2nd 15-min bar, but not sure if that pattern follows what you guys look for. Already covered when it hit the extension. Thanks.

Adrian P said...


I took a nice short in NOK at the break of the 3rd candle low. It quickly hit the fib target, and after some consolidation, it looks like it may break down again. I'm watching it for another entry.

I'm currently in NEW short but it's chopping sideways. Let's see if it can do anything in the afternoon.

Rarefactor said...

I apologize, I forgot to add my 2nd question regarding another trade I took. I shorted AAPL on the break of the 2nd 30-min bar, similar pattern to what FUL had, if someone could give me an opinion of it, I'd appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

FUL and AAPL were not alike. AAPL had a very wide range first bar, and may have made most of the move in it. FUL was a good trade, though I was a bit worried about the lower tail on the first bar.


Anonymous said...

John, not to answer for X, but he enters as soon as it breaks.


Rarefactor said...

Thanks for the insight, I see what you're referring to on both trades. AAPL actually didn't show up on my scans, I had 100 shares at 57, and I knew where the support line was, so I shorted a small amount at the open, a much larger amount on the break of the 2nd 30min bar. I almost panicked when it reversed, except that it didn't seem to be able to break the lower bollinger band (I use that in conjunction with the 34MA).

Thanks for the insight..still learning a whole lot and this blog is one of the best ones out there that I've been fortunate to find.

Ex-LoserTrader said...

Hi all,
Trader-X, was CNET an example of "bread and butter" trade?
I shorted some at 8.2

Clive said...

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your input. I thought NOK was on my list, but no! Nice trade BTW.

Looks like NEW has found support @ $43.50. Good luck!


Charles (in San Fran) said...

CNET looked good to me. The 2nd bar was a nice hanging man on the 30-minute chart. Good trade!

The only thing I had today was FUL.

Clive J said...

Hi Charles,

Just been scrolling back through the day's charts. You're right - CNET looked tradeable. Why didn't I see it at the time?

Finally got a trade in a while back, shorting NKE through the day's low with v tight stop. Hoping to reach $79.50 at least.


mcqf16 said...

I am new to this blog and am trying to figure out how ya'll pick the stocks you watch on any given day. I found the INET web site and understand how to find the gap's up and down but do not know how you select particular stocks from among the list of 20-100. Would also be interested in hearing any techniques on how many you actually monitor, and how you monitor them. Read nison's book on candles among others and just picked up the T.A.D. principle. Any other required reading?



Anonymous said...

Hey Sean, take a look at the link on top of the page that says "Welcome and links to key posts". X has a lot of stuff there about his trading style and how he picks stocks.