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Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday's action

Tom C. is on vacation, and I am getting ready for vacation so posting may be sporadic. (don't forget you can subscribe via Feedblitz on the lower right and receive a daily email of the posts)

I am in RSH from this morning (15-minute, break of fourth bar high) - I don't know if it will hit the target, but it is doing good so far.

Feel free to post any thoughts or trades or comments.

Also, does anyone know if I need any type of converter to plug my laptop and iPod into an electrical outlet in England? I have been told no, but I wanted to double check. The last few times I have been over, I have not taken any electrical devices so it has never been an issue. Thanks and feel free to shoot me an email.

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mcqf16 said...

I lay over in England all the time and you will need a converter for the outlet. They have one of those old school looking deals. Looks like this: - -
After that I just plug it in and ops normal after that. Safe travels and enjoy your vacation.

Peace, Sean

mcqf16 said...


I layover at LHR all the time. You will need a converter for the outlet as there outlets look like this: - -
Other than that I just plug my laptop in and go. Sorry if this is a repeat post, kinda new at this. Safe travels and enjoy your vacation.



mcqf16 said...


I also need to clarify that the power over there is 240V. I only use my laptop and the power cord accepts 100-240v. You may fry your Ipod, cellphone, or shaver if your not carefull. Sorry if I am causing any confusion.

Side bar.....Mr Wheatcroft you out there? Please tune out the noise on the tradertim blogspot and continue to post. I look forward to your wisdom. "I'm neither a bear, nor a bull I just trade." "The only investments I have are my health, my wife of 40 years, my kids and my kid's kids. Everything else is for sale."

Look forward to more wisdom down the road.

Ya'll have a great weekend

John Wheatcroft said...

I'll be back next week. But I absolutely love this site. You (and I and everyone else) can get a trader's education from the foks here. This is the real deal.

I've been working on some filters so I don't have to use gap-ups/downs so much. I had a nice one today, MRX, but I didn't see it until it was too late so I missed an opportunity.

Good trading and have a great vacation Trader-X.

5150 said...

SBUX 15 min 2nd bar break..short....

R.J. said...

HORC was a nice % return on a short. Have a good weekend all.