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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I will be in England for the next week, returning Thursday 072006. I may do some periodic trading and posting, so check back. Of course, the easiest way to be notified if I make a new post is to subscribe to email updates via FeedBlitz on the lower right (your email information is never sold, traded, or given away).

Have a good week trading!



estocastica said...

I've learned much invaluable information from your blog -- each day, I look forward to reading your insights (trading and otherwise). Have a great trip!

Jim C said...

Wed 7/12/2006:
Take a look at NTAP 15min chart. Gapped below daily pivot from early June. Wide range OR. Bars 3-5 formed wedge/coil. 5th bar was NR, IB with low risk. 6th bar was decisive break of OR low. Moved thru extension from previous day's high to OR low before bouncing.

QQQBall said...


TNT was a dynamite short!

Gaptrader88 said...

Friday LHCG off the Gap, a break of the 2nd NR bar, Sweet.

estocastica said...

Friday, CAL -- 15 minute -- break below 5th bar low. Weak OR bar with 4th bar retracing back to OR low. 5th bar is similar size to bar 4 and closes weak.