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Friday, July 21, 2006

Shaking the rust off

It is slow going for me today - I am not sure if it is rust, or just a day of limited opportunity. I had a few trades for small gains, but nothing spectacular as of yet.

Feel free to post your thoughts and trades in "Comments".

FYI - Tom C. will be back on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Back today, but no trading. I will make a post over the weekend.

Tom C.

Chris said...

Made some money on INFA today. Not much else.

John said...

I wasn't aware that Gold gets rusty.

Glad to have you back X.

5150 said...

X....I took AMD short on break of 6th bar.....it was below OR an also inside...I stoped on break of 8th bar high. Is that a trade you took and if not would you have?

Anonymous said...

5150 - why did you stop out of AMD? It was not near the high of your entry bar, and it was still below the OR low. Seemed like a good trade.


Clive J said...

Welcome home X & Tom!

Frankly it's been a poor week for me. Saved only by JCI today, but even then I contrived to get in a dollar too late. Doh!

Be glad to get the discussions going again next week.

Have a good weekend all.

Clive J