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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday's action

Why do we selflessly update the Trader-X blog day after day (when not on vacation, of course)?

Because we like helping others. Just like this frog. Exactly.

I am looking forward to getting back Thursday...go make some good trades!!!

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Rarefactor said...

Traded VLO on break of 3rd 15 min bar, wary of the top from previous day..

Rarefactor said...

Shorted CNC on break of 4th 15min bar, although not so sure about entry signal

Rarefactor said...

Looks like CNC took the dive...however, since the gap is so large, should I just going for about halfway to the Fibonacci extension?

Anonymous said...

I would close at least 1/2 the position at the 1/2-way point.


BL said...

My watch list from premkt Island(based on vol/pts up/dn): ffiv ppdi ntap fcx frx bidu ice aapl cnc ent nbix. Gap ups reversed, most downs continued or filled gap/reversed. Used parabolic sar and 10/20 slope and crossover on 1 min charts for gap ups for signals and worked well: ffiv ppdi frx bidu aapl. Quick reversals on gap ups in down markets seem to be the key. 3 bar b/d work well on 5 min gap downs(this may be esp true of down mkt...and probably true with up market and gap ups=they b/o and continue up): tgt cnc
I don't rely on my candle stick charts from Scottrade so I use different time frames, ema.
X, hope you had good holiday in England, saw the Queen and all.

Charles said...

Did any one trade IVAC or DGII on the 15-minute charts?

QQQBall said...


big move