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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Kayakhandy said...

RHAT short turned turned golden this morning. I got stopped out with a .20 cent loss yesterday mid day but got back in after it broke support at the end of the day. Huge profit in RHAT this morning...I covered

QCOM, while not a huge trade it set up great on the third bar short break at $23.80. Took 50% off the table at $34.46 for .34cents profit and let the ride until 34.15 for .65 cnets more at the seventh 15 min. bar while looking at the minute bar.

Anonymous said...

SCT break of the 2nd bar high on 15 min chart? Just saw it at 7!!

Clive J said...

Hi X,

Just wondering if you finally told us about your additional filter you were working on a month or so back?

Or did I miss the posting?


Clive J

John said...

30% poker, 30% powerball, 30% fl lottery

I am diversified!

Trader-X said...

Clive - yes, I talked about it in comments a while back. Essentially I am looking at the gap in relation to standard pivot points (PP, S1, S2, R1, R2...) and trying to raise my probability by taking certain trades based on where price opens in relation to those levels. I am using it daily, but still have not gotten consistent enough to publish what I am doing. However, feel free to experiment on your own - the calculations should be in almost all software packages and on the net.