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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Bread and Butter" set-ups

posted by Tom C:

A few of these popped up on my screen today. PNRA presented a good entry on a break of the 5th bar hammer's high. That bar found support at the top of the retracement zone, and from a rising moving average. I closed the position at the Fibonacci extension of the previous day's low to the OR high.

STP looked a little choppy, but I liked the action when I took a closer look. Price fell hard on the 5th bar, and was halted at the top of the retracement zone. The 6th bar bounced and rallied sharply. The 7th bar pushed back down. Those three bars were very wide-range, but the 8th-11th bars narrowed considerably and stayed on top of the retracement zone. The 9th bar formed a "hammer-type" candle, but I passed because it was red and I was still a little cautious. The 10th bar rallied and left a long upper tail, but closed green. This is one of those "Trader-X" set-ups where if price can take out the high of that tail (given the other factors mentioned above), there is a good chance for a rally. It worked - the exit was the Fibonacci extension of the previous day's low to the OR high.

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Charles (in San Fran) said...

Good trades. I was in UHAL long, and MED short (MED reversed quick and I gave back some profits, but still make money).

Terry said...

I made some fast $$$ with BRL on the 2nd bar which was kind of the offsetting bar set-up X talks about.

GX said...

I took AVT and WFR for longs today. I made two entries for WFR once on the 15min 2nd candle break hi and break hi of 30min 7th candle. AVT was a smoother ride up.

Anonymous said...

QRCP was a good short (30-minute). X may have skipped it because the first bar was really wide, but it kept falling.


QQQBall said...

nice trade on PNRA. ive had mucho trouble trading that stock in the past.

JNY held the 30-minute low and was a decent ride back up to the .618 retrace level. i shorted it at the .618 level and was stopped out.... flipped and went long. JNY is in play, so i almost didnt short it, but i got a break of NRB near 28.44... when it didnt move it looked like a stop run over, but i held to the plan and unfortunately i was stopped out. BTW, held overnight as i wanted a position in JNY for possible takeover.

KayakHandy said...

Great trades you guys! Wish I would have seen that UHAL trade.

Today was the first time running four trades at the same time...it was kind of hectic for me being mostly new at this type of day trade stuff.

FLSH on the 3rd breaking 15 min. bar at 35.44 after it broke the high of the first bar of the morning and upper resistance from the day before of 35.43...the first stop was 35.26 for .17 cents risk...this stock would just not slow down today, I must have adjusted the stops on FLSH six times today...got out at $36.85 with just a few minutes left of the day...I was greedy and should have followed X's guidlines on taking at least some profit after a dollar gain(Note to self: I need more Dicsipline when trading) FLSH is now the biggest risk reward trade in my life at 8.29:1 initial stop.

The next trade was YUM on the break of the second 15 min. bar and also above yesterdays resistince...YUM was .01 cent from stopped out at 1:30PM for a small .27 cent per share gain on .13 cents risk but came back nicely and stopped me out at close to the end of the day at $47.70 for a 4:1 risk/reward ratio.

Next trade was good old MDCO again, this time on the breaking of the 4th 15min. candle at above $21.10, .02 cents above yesterday resistance on .17 cents risk...MDCO stoped me out at 21.57 for a 2.76 Risk/reward win.

Last trade for me was CTSH on the breaking of the fourth Hammer candle at $67.79 with .21 cents risk...CTSH was stopped out at the end of the day at $69.31 for a 7.23:1 win.

This market action makes me feel lucky...I almost want a down day so I can try my luck at shorting.

Once again my thanks go out to all of you for helping me see the light!

Mike in WI

QQQBall said...

interesting that STP and PNRA both gapped above the 34 MA. 13/34 crossovers too. i havent been using the MAs.