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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Some random weekend thoughts:

1.) TraderMike has some good links posted on his blog - check them out.

2.) Tom C. says keep an eye on these stocks - SYKE, ETP, IMKTA. They are NOT trading recommendations as we DO NOT make trading recommendations, but he will be analyzing them in the upcoming weeks based on this past week's charts (using the longer-term analysis he has been discussing in posts over the past few months).

3.) You guys know I don't really like country music, but I support the Dixie Chicks. Go cast a vote for them - if they are #1 next week it will tie the all-time record for weeks at #1 on VH1. Since most of the dumbass hick radio stations boycott them and don't play their music, help them out! All you have to do is select them from the left column, drag it to the #1 spot on the right side, and click "Submit".

4.) Entourage only has a few episodes left - it has been a great season. And, I am hooked on this new Showtime show - Brotherhood. Check it out. And of course Weeds got off to a great start last week.

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