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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It appears INET/NASDAQTrader.com sucks...

After numerous emails back and forth to the INET/NASDAQTrader.com guys, I am being told that the INET Top Lists will no longer be available in the format that it was on the INET site. There will be no "% Change" column, and now it appears there is no pre-market data either.

I was first told it would be the same at the new NASDAQTrader.com site as it was at the old INET site. Then I was told you had to pay $14 to get the same information. Now I am told that the information will not be the same regardless.

So, it appears they do not know what is going on. And it appears that they have taken away a great tool. I would even be willing to pay for it - but if they changed the format, it is useless.

The question is - why would they change (TAKE AWAY functionality from) a great tool for so many traders? It really makes no sense.

If you want to write them on your own, email tradingservices[AT]nasdaq[DOT]com. Again, the key questions are:
1.) Can I get the Top Lists in the same format as it used to be (before 09/01/06) on the old INET site?
2.) Is there a charge for it?
3.) Why did you change it (take away functionality)?

If you get different information, please post it in "Comments".

Also, please post any new gap sources you use in "Comments" and I will compile a list of the best ones. You can find my current information on gap sources here.

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Trader-X said...

nabnalb posted these links for marketwatch:



Otto said...

What a bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

I use the ticker on CNBC from 8:10-8:25 (CST), and the RT gap list. If I feel I need more candidates, I just run a scan in Prophet.net.


Anonymous said...

All the above is in X's post.


Magg said...

There are some resources listed on this thread from ET. X, I know you hate ET but figured this might be worth checking every now and then:

list of stocks Gapping up/Gapping down

movk said...

Yes, I'm upset about INET as well. I had nice script that could go through INET list and find out the best candidates + calculate Fibonacci levels. Yes, TOP List was for free, but on the other hand it had been giving big popularity to INET (together with real-time ECN).
My other source for gaps is market scanner of the broker (I use Interactivebrokers).

Trader-X said...

If it gave such popularity to INET, why take away functionality? Just leave it as is and charge for it...makes no sense.

Trader-X said...

Russell sent this one:

NASDAQ Pre-market

Charles said...

I agree with you X. Stupid.

Trader-X said...

Jose sent this link to me - good for stocks with unfilled gaps after the market open.

Click here.

Tag said...

The Knight Trader has some good pre-market info that you can use to build your watchlist. The only problem is the FREAKING POP-UP when I go to his site. GET RID OF IT/THEM.


ExEngineer said...

Here's another:


Anonymous said...

That Knight Trader site is annoying with the pop-ups.

C.J. said...

I agree about Knight Trader. I was on it and the damn thing took me away completely.