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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday's charts

There are some good comments on Tom C.'s last post - check them out.

A lot of you caught FUL today, which I actually missed. But here is a nice long and a short that returned ~6%. The analysis is brief as I am heading out for the night!

ADCT, 30-minute chart

Entry was a break of the third bar high, which was a narrow-range (NRM) inside bar.

ACOR, 30-minute chart

Entry was a break of the second bar low - both the first and second bars left upper tails and closed weak, and the second bar closed below the OR low.

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QQQBall said...

ACOR - nice set-up... ADCT didnt have enough run to the fibbo extension...

Trader-X said...

I'll admit it did not have the most profit potential of a lot of my set-ups, qqq. But it was a beautiful chart, narrow-range bar entry, good volume (so you could take down a nice position size)...I'll take that for ~.30 most days!

Have a good day!