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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Tuesday

A few things:

1.) As always, Jamie has good stuff going on at Wall St. Warrior including some great "dummy" information.
2.) Don't forget to check out all the charts on "Dummy Charts".
3.) Sign-up for a free trial and listen to Howard Stern on the Internet Wednesday and Thursday.
4.) Don't forget the daily installments on WallStrip.com (is it just me, or does Lindsay look a little high this morning...it makes me love her even more!).

I will put up a chart or two after the close.

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BabaBooey said...

Will that make my SIRI stock go up any?

Trader-X said...

That is a sore subject with me!

Dwain said...

Just wondering, is it wise to always be sending traffic AWAY from your blog?

Trader-X said...

I think you are asking that sarcastically? But, if not I will answer.

I hope people think of my blog as something cool and funny, and where they can learn something they can apply to their trading every now and then. Part of all of that is the blogger community that I read and the links to interesting articles/sites that I post...there is a lot of good stuff out there, and I hope I point people to things they might miss or otherwise not read.

I don't think it causes me to lose any readers, on the contrary I think I get them back tenfold. All of these bloggers point people my way and say kind things about me. Trader Mike is responsible for selflessly talking about my blog when I only had 20-30 readers!

The bottom-line is there is a lot of great stuff out there, and no one has the market cornered. If we care about the "greater good", it will only help all of us to share!

John said...

I have it on good authority that Linsday may be seeking an order of protection for net stalking.

I guess she is not into Brad Pitt! :-)

Trader-X said...

First, can you actually comment on WallStrip as you are launching a competing site?

Second, all the ladies dig my Brad Pitt like looks.

Third, I am not stalking. I don't care what the WallStrip lawyers say. And, again, until I get legal documents your empty threats (WallStrip lawyers) are meaningless.

John said...

hehe...maybe she likes women (just maybe lawyers)...of course that would make me like her even more

Howard Lindzon said...

It is always wise to link out. Always. People will come back to you . With wallstrip, we dont care where people watch the show. If it is good and they watch it somewhere else, they wll come back.

Trader x is doing what trader mike and all successful bloggers do - SEND M AWAY