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Friday, October 06, 2006

It's Friday!

Here is some motivation to help you finish the week strong.


estocastica said...

I hate to admit it but the entourage mix actually got me pumped up! That show is damn good.

R.J. said...

ACOR, gap down and tombstone doji on the first bar and the 5MA. Exploded.

The holy grail!

FlyingJ said...


greytrader said...

X, just wondering when you would have covered:
short HES 30 min break of 4th bar.

QQQBall said...

i was looking to short DLTR w/in .11 of the high of the first 15m bar. action looked like it might continue higher so i went long instead when it broke above the .11 envelope. it just didnt have the umph as is usually case when its gona rock up & close the gap. lost 4 cents/share; bailed quickly. the mistake i made was not looking left on higher time frame... lots of R at 31.25-31.30 on daily.

thanks X, ive got a lot more confidence since i have a framewrok to trade w/in. checkout uglycharts - he has a dummy chart that expands when you click it... great learning tool