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Friday, October 27, 2006

Ruck Fush

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Tyro said...

Give him a break. You know he needs to get high before he speaks in public.

bl said...

Well done!

Sami said...

amen, Ruck Fush indeed...

KayakHandy said...

R.L. said some stupid things around election time...Big Frickin Deal!" 'name me someone either Republican or Democrat that does not spew forth large loads of manure everyday around the campain season.

Okay...on to todays trades, for me I found a few setups on the long side that did not perform well for me and I lost $144.00 on one trade today.

I traded VLCM on the 15 min. chart, I saw the fifth green hammer but waited to get in until after the 6th bar rose above the third bar red hammer...this limited my risk but also the upside potential of the trade...it never reached anywhere close to the fib extention...I bailed on the 24th bar with a small gain.

My other long trade was MFE on the 15 min chart...don't ask me why I traded it becasuse MFE was not a good setup...anyway the third bar was a small hammer but I did not buy until after a break upward on the ninth bar... I was stupid" I saw the 13th bar bearish Doji and should have sold on the 14th bar...but did I do this? NO!

Like an idiot I hung on until the 23rd bar despite seeing nothing but lower highs and all the warning signs well before that 23rd bar...ended up with a small loss of $144.00

I clearly saw the Q's and the SMH in trouble along with mid caps and the SPY in trouble yet I ignored what they were telling me because of the larger term uptrend...just plain stupid trading mindset by me today. I feel lucky to have only lost a small amount of money today.

Sami said...

McCain, Lugar, Obama, Kohl and many others.

it is a big deal. the bigger deal is people that resigned themselves to endorsing morally bankrupt leaderships on both sides of the isle.

Zoomie said...

This world is full of idiots, that is for sure. Plenty of people around that step on their high horse, but what bothers me most is a great number of people that listen to them. Proving my first pint that the world is full of idiots ;).

Kayakhandy, you are right about MFE, the trade was not proving itself after a rejection of HOD, a doji and an engulfing candle. Next time you will know! One cool thing is that both trades went your way. Worst part of trade, IMO, is that it appears that you didn't place your initial protective stop below the 9th candle, your entry candle, and just hoped the trade would work out. My 2 cents ;)

KayakHandy said...

Sami...it's not supposed to be that people back morally bankrupt leadership...leadership should have nothing to do with it because our elected officials are to act on the will of the people not on thier own bankrupt wants & wills.

Zoomie... The worst part is that I did Know! I saw the Doji and the engulfing candle that closed lower than the previous doji low...like said before just plain stupid mindset...had know right forcing a trade!

As far as not setting a stop...I was watching these two stocks Tic by Tic and the greater markets...I had mental stops that I kept adjusting...but did not stick to them! I was a total moron on Friday and deserved much worse than I got.

We all should know how imortant a stop is for every trade and stick to it. even though this is engrained in my head...I still screwed up.

Thanks for the comments.