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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday's action

Feel free to post your thoughts/trades in "Comments".

I am trading today, but will not post charts until later tonight as I have a Doctor appointment after the close.



HT said...

X or Tom C,
I'm curious do you guys often enter into a position before the close of a candle or do you wait till the candle closes?

Perhaps it depends on the price action and the chance of taking on additional risk?


S.J.T. said...

Never enter before a candle closes. Otherwise, you are just guessing what it is going to be.

QQQBall said...

im not an expert like guys here, but if in doubt i can drop down to next lower time frame & look at the set-up.

Zoomie said...

Long AVZ on break of 2nd 30 min candle. Sold 3 bars later at fib extention, for R 5.1 profit. Thanks to Trader X's charts, I spotted it. It also broke 52 week high on daily chart. That trade helped a lot as I over traded one day last week and lost R 4.5 in one day, breaking all my rules of course....:(