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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Update on my health!

Thank you for all the well wishes in comments and email. Except for you guys talking smack about the Yankees - your IP address' have been banned accordingly.

I am having a problem with my ear that is affecting my equilibrium, my sight (making my vision blurry at times), and just making me feel miserable. I am going to an ENT (ear, nose, throat specialist) and hope to be back to "normal" after my third visit next Monday afternoon.

Tom C. will be back Monday, so at the latest we will have some more charts and posts then. If I am feeling better tomorrow morning, I may do some light trading and try to post some charts over the weekend.

This is a good time to remind everyone that you can sign-up to receive posts via email, or subscribe to the site feed - both on the right sidebar. That way you will be notified of new posts, and don't have to keep checking back.

Thanks again for all of the comments and emails. I have now realized another benefit of blogging - having people wish you well and giving good thoughts when you are a little down. It really means a lot!

P.S. - don't forget all the bloggers I have listed on the right - there is some great stuff there. And, check out Trader Mike and the updates about his new venture Wallstrip.

P.P.S. - and, don't forget my links on the lower right - check out "Chad Vader" for a good laugh.



Charles (in San Fran) said...

Hey X - CROX was a great b and b trade, with support from the rising 5 and a hammer.

Get better soon!

F.G.R. said...

I feel for you man - been there.

Get better.

NJ_BsAs said...

Catching up, just learned,

Get Well X!

Michael said...

Get some rest man! The market will be here on Monday.

Barb said...

Get well soon! I miss your posts.

Albert said...

Chad Vader is great!

See you next week. Have a good weekend and recover.

Dr. J said...

I have to say I am getting great results using the 5MA with your other methods. I hope you are back next week to discuss it more. Get better.

John Wheatcroft said...

Took a small position in GLW off the NR 3rd bar on the 15 minute charts. I like this set-up because it is a simple (gap down, two red bars the second of which forming a hammer followed by a narrow range -what some call a "dummy spot" and then it takes off from there). It then took a long while to fully develop but I stayed with it and made some - on an "R" basis I made 2.5R.

Feel better X - you need your mojo for trading not fighting illness.

estocastica said...

john: GLW was a nice trade. I enjoy your comments -- great stuff.

downtowntrader said...

Get better man, the world needs the reigning stock pimp trading.