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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday's action

1.) The Fed makes their announcement today, and expectations are that they will keep rates unchanged. But be aware...

2.) Don't forget to listen to Howard for free today (that's Stern, not Lindzon!)

3.) Speaking of Howard Lindzon, uhhhhh - Lindsay in bed and in pajamas...why do you torture me so! And why did you have to ruin the image in my head by putting Howard in the segment...in bed? The horror (but, cool dachshund).

4.) Charts after the close...



Spence said...

X, your SIRI stock must be up at least 10% pre-market?

Trader-X said...

Spence - your ip address has been banned.

List of things that get you banned:
1.) Talking smack about the Yankees.
2.) Saying anything good about that fat, ex-drug addict Rush.
3.) Being sarcastic about an ever declining SIRI stock price.

Randal said...

Anyone catch ADSX?

FlyingJ said...

Why do you hate Rushbo?

Trader-X said...

flyingj - I am pissed at his comments about Michael J. Fox. My grandfather had Parkinson's, and his comments were unacceptable. He is nothing but an ex-drug addict hypocrite, and I cannot believe people let him influence their opinions.

KayakHandy said...

Oh my God I caught GREAT ONE with MICC...30min. break of the fourth hammer...can you say blown past the FIB X !!!

I am taking the rest of the day off!

Anonymous said...

Nice trade, Kayak...it also set-up nice on the 15-minute on the 8th bar as it rose off the 5MA.

Tom C.

Lindsay Campbell said...


thanks for all the wallstrip love!

your site is bee-you-ti-ful

we're super busy right now making shows but my goal for the future is to get more involved with the bloggers in the wallstrip community, get to know people, hang out online, etc...
but for now, Howard and Bright Red Pictures have me SUPER busy.

thanks again

Trader-X said...

Is that really Lindsay? If so, I will have to shut down for the day...there is no way I can concentrate after knowing she visited my blog.

Or, is it one of you jack-asses playing a joke?!?!?!

Trader-X said...



estocastica said...

X, looks like you online advances have not gone unnoticed.

Did anyone catch MICC, 4th bar 30' chart? Wish I had.

john said...

who says rushbo is an ex-addict...ex being the operative word here

btw, it looks like lindsay may like brad pitt look-a-likes after all

estocastica said...

Sorry kayakhandy, should have read the comments better regarding your MICC trade. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Looks like X may be out of commission for awhile, he is flustered by Lindsay's visit.

: )

Tom C.

Zoomie said...

I must say, Rush Limbaugh should know if someone is on drugs or not, he has a lot of experience with drug use. Hypocrite junky.