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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brief hiatus...

I have to tend to some unforseen personal business for the rest of the week. Feel free to post any great (or not so great) trades in "Comments", and I will highlight a few charts as I have time.

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edit - never fear, Tom C. is here. Look for some charts later today!



estocastica said...

I hope everything is OK and look forward to your return next week.

Anonymous said...

The X blog will never be silent for long!

estocastica - I like your blog.

Tom C.

KayakHandy said...

First, since it's near election time and the most stupid things possible get said around this time of mid term elections, I would like to reiterate the reasons why Americans did not vote John Kerry into the Whitehouse.

Can you believe how badly this moron just hurt the Democratic party with just few choice stupid words before elections! What makes this situation even worse for Democrats is John Kerry's campaign camp is trying to push this serious statement off as "a botched joke" Ha Ha you stupid american soldiers will get stuck in Iraq! Wow that is so darn funny...when do I start laughing? Better yet...It's morons like this that will push the undecided votes to go Republican.

Political rant over...on to the trades

You had to be darn fast to get into CRDN, in just a matter of two to three minutes you would have missed a major move upward.

DNEX took off also.

Glenn said...

Kayak - you should read John Kerry's statement that X posted on the lower right under his links.

Charles (in San Fran) said...

PDS was a nice bread and butter short. Not sure if it will bounce at the or low, or keep falling.

Anonymous said...

Charles, I am in PDS. I am looking for a break of the OR low, but will cover it moves above the 5MA.

Tom C.

estocastica said...

Tom C. -- Thanks. I enjoy reading your trades as well.

KayakHandy said...

Glenn, I read the statement...It's just another form of dammage control loaded with more personal attacks to try and flip a horrible mistake made by John Kerry into a mistake made by Tony Snow, the White house and all republicans everywhere.

All you have to do is watch and listen to John Kerry's speech about how stupid our American soldiers are for serving their country in Iraq...America has spoken at the poles about this in the past and will do it again soon...then this crap will be over for a while.

bidmarket said...

Tom C.- Could you post some links that you have written here as to how you do your longer term trading and perhaps the setups you look for?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

bid - I don't have quick access to them, but try X's new search engine at the top...start here.

Tom C.