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Monday, November 06, 2006

Just one more reason to vote...



KayakHandy said...

These morons are so stoned they think The President and vice president are up for election...thats a great reason to stomp out anything to do with the legalization of any pot laws like Amendment 44 in Colorado...Do you want your 10 year old kids around 18 year olds that can show them how to get stoned?

estocastica said...

kayak: How did you draw your conclusions? Who said they believed the current administration is up for re-election?

Honestly, there's no use fighting measures such as 44 in Colorado -- in the not too distant future, we will look back on marijuana prohibition in a similar vein as the disastrous alcohol prohibition efforts. I used to struggle with the fact that some people can partition their beliefs about one drug over another -- why is alcohol fine but marijuana, for example, is not? However, with time came wisdom and enlightenment, and I discovered the answer is really quite simple: sheepish nationalism, ignorance, and fear.

Those that choose to live in the dark ages will be left behind, but in reality, the world has always operated in this context; a very small percentage of the population contributes to mankind's advancement, while the remaining tag along and hamper its progress. The regression this country has experienced over the past 6 years is very sad.

Sami said...

it is all relative.

some people may think that a president who communicates with god and gets orders to carry out crusades all over the world is more dangerous to their kids than a stoned 18 year old.
handicapping said president by limiting his support in congress maybe favorable to them, even though said president is not up for election.
of course, said president's communication with god (and the likes of Ted Haggard) may be more important to him than the worldly issues of constitution and congress, so it may not matter after all.

personally, i am against dope, against shooting friends in the face, and for the constitution.

em said...

if alcohol and smoking are legal... marijuana should be legal as well. Bottom line, end of story. If you can convince me that the effects of alcohol are any less harmful than a joint... I'm all ears. I really have tried to stay away from responding to the non-trading comments here... but man, sometimes.

dan said...

nothing wrong with pot.

my 2 cents.

now alcohol.. that'll get people killed.


KayakHandy said...

To hell with all the drug laws then...lets just do what ever we want because we are leagal adults.

VOTE REPUBLICAN because right is right.

George said...

Yeah, vote Republican if you want the status quo. All our kids dying in Iraq, 1,000's of civilians dying daily, USA no safer from terrorism now than before 9/11, and a bunch of damn hypocrits who preach one thing and do another.

If the Republicans are still in control of the House and Senate at the end of today, I am giving up on the intelligence of the US people.

Rickey said...

Sadam sentenced to death. YEAH, EXACTLY WHY WE WENT THERE. That whole WMD thing was an urban legend. Killing Sadam will make America safer than ever.

estocastica said...

kayak, as you said "To hell with all the drug laws then...lets just do what ever we want because we are leagal adults." I knew you'd come around eventually. As long as you are not harming anyone else, why should the government police my bloodstream. Do you realize that in every country where drugs have been legalized or decriminalized, usage among youths has dramatically dropped. Even California and Oregon have seen drops in adolescent usage since the state legalization of medial marijuana. Throughout history, kids have, and always will, thrive on rebellion. When grandma smokes pot for her glaucoma, the thrill tends to lose its sheen.

KayakHandy said...

estocastica and others...those statistics are a bunch errors...please re check them because you are mistaken and very misleading of the truth.

ECONOMY: Great and wonderful, Americans are still getting fatter and spending more money...things must be a whole lot better than the Dems. are suggesting.

EMPLYOYMENT... LOWEST unemployment numbers last week, looks darn good to me! If you listen to the garbagee stats of the Dems. You would thingk we are in a terrible depression...but when you look at the facts life is Rosy for many Americans.


Has a terrorist attack happened on US soil since 9/11? NO!

Have you or any American you know been tortured? NO

Has your home been searched without just cause? If so then prove it!

Do you people have any idea how fast the economy is going to get flushed down the dumper if Barny FrankenFife becomes a financial powerhouse or that moron Henry Waxhead is leading the ecomomic floor... I give it 6 to 9 months before the economy tanks if this happens...and the Dems. will blame the Republicans and the voters will be angry...thats why I think the Smarter Americans will keep them out of Official economic duty.

DRUGS...your Fnuking nuts to rationalize the statement if Alcohol and Cigs are bad and legal then all other drugs should be legal...we need serious regulation on ALL dangerous drugs. This is not sheepish Nationalism...its common sense. By the way...there is still NO medical proof that Pot helps Glaucoma victims...just because a label of Medical use Marijuana is added to the mix does not change the fact that users are only getting stoned trying to become retards for a short while.

Our kids die in every war! Its never right, Lets finnish it this time and not give up! Make their sacrifice and the soldiers to come deaths mean something of accomplishment not showing what being a Loser is! As a world power we need to guide the middle east as it evovles. I seem to remember almost all the Dems voting on the house floor not to long ago to increase security funding along with the Republicans...those Dems always talk one way but actions are louder than words.

Vote Today!

KayakHandy said...

Like stated before" 'common sense wins again.

kayakHandy said...

Here is some of that youth in a country where drugs are legal...enough said.


em said...

nothing like a little good debate. Kayak... I didn't say to legalize all drugs... but if alcohol and cigarettes are legal - why not pot? You tell me. Have you ever tried pot? I'm sure you've had alcoholic beverage (if not, you need a double). The effects of both are essentially the same (I could go into the many benefits of pot but whatever), yet pot is illegal. You really don't see that?

As for the Bush years... please - it's not all economics when you talk about the state of our country internally and externally. The rich got richer and the poorer - well - they're still there. But I'm sure that's just their fault. Oh... and the 9/11 thing??? Yeah, that happened while BUSH was in office in case you forgot and wanted to just glaze right by that fact. As for Iraq... yeah, makes sense to just stay there until we 'win' it. As I remember, Bush said "Mission Accomplished", yet here we are years later. Yep... let's just stay and continue to be sitting ducks. If you want to look at the good of the war... yes, there's a very bad man that is no longer in control. It only cost a gazzillion dollars. It is a winless war at this point. There is not clearly defined enemy. More troops die as we watch Iran and North Korea develop nukes but we really can't do anything because all of our resources are devoted to IRAQ which had no connection to Al Queda before we invaded. The only thing that was accomplished in Iraq is now there are more terrorists there and trying new techniques to kill our troops. It's a terrorist training ground. I'm not anti-war if it's a just cause. This was not and never will be a just cause.

Enjoy your spaghetti.