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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trader-X on Wallstrip?

posted by Tom C:

I could be mistaken, but when I watched today's Wallstrip I could swear that the comment on Lindsay's latop had Trader-X's name attached to it?

edit - I had a private eye follow Lindsay, and he snapped this pic of her breaking up with her boyfriend. I can just hear her saying "my heart belongs to Trader-X!"



Bill Bill said...

lol...ever stylish Trader-X!

Trader-X said...

All part of the dance. I flirt with Lindsay, ask her to marry me - this is her way of saying "X I love you, and I will always love you more than life itself. You complete me."

Or something like that.

estocastica said...

That's awesome! I knew WallStrip wouldn't be able to go a month without a Trader-X cameo.

Hey X, will the wedding be televised like Trista and Ryan's from the "The Bachelorette?"

Howard Lindzon said...

If you would just put the damn widget up on your site, you could look at her all day right from home. Geeeez. What do we have to do - hint hint hint.

Trader-X said...

howard - I don't see Lindsay's picture on that widget.

Tom C - you are on a roll today.

Everyone else - I have to sign-off, so have a good day trading.

T. Webb said...

That is an intense look on her face. Passion. Passion for X!

Chris said...

Now we know why Trader-X had to take a brief hiatus.

: )