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Friday, December 08, 2006

Thursday's charts

Here are the charts for the stocks I discussed in this post yesterday.

Go make some good trades, and finish the week strong!

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Russell said...

PBR over 5th 15 min bar. Fib extension hit 3 bars later.

CENT (creative 5 ma play like VNDA)
above the 2nd 15 min bar. 5ma hit 2 bars later.

FDG over the 8th 15 min bar. Target is fib extension from yest low to the OR high. Pending as of right now.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Daniel S. said...

I'm in FDG...watch reisitance from R2 at 24.51.

Good trading mate!

Russell said...

Closed out FDG at break even which corresponded with a close below the 15 th bars low. The 15th bar also closed below the 15 min 5 ma.

See everyone next week.

Hey X that nr4 nr7 stuff of any value or did it just clutter your charts?