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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday's action

Our friend Zoomie has a great interview on the StockTickr blog - check it out.

The FOMC releases its policy statement at 2:15EST.

Trader Mike is back on-line.

The Trading Goddess is giving away football tickets...

And, Wallstrip.com has a funny episode today (very interesting at the end...)!

Go make some good trades!



Zoomie said...

Trader X,

Thank you for the mention. Some great trades today by Tom C. Thanks for sharing them!

Russell said...

Nice interview Zoomie.
The hardest part for me regarding The Phantom has always been adding to the position when proven correct. To this day it remains my greatest weakness in particular on these X type trades. Care to share your approach regarding this matter?

TradingGoddess said...

Moochass grassy ass por el linko.

Zoomie said...


The Phantom doesn't suggest adding to DAYTRADES. He has a special section on daytrading in his book. The fact that daytraders close their positions by the end of the day puts limitations on their trading.