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Monday, December 04, 2006

Welcome to a new trading week!

I hope you are making some good trades today - as always, if you focus on making good trades, the money will [eventually] follow.

Great news - December 22nd is "Global Orgasm" day. Our good friend Trader Mike is a big advocate - you will soon see promos on his site. While he is not mentioned in the above article, he has worked hard to make this a reality - so show him your support.

Not so great news - the man is trying to keep us from enjoying "Santa's Butt Winter Porter". Aren't there more important things to worry about? Rise up people!

Trading stuff - KayakHandy is making money on KYPH...see his "Comments" on the previous post!

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R.J. said...

Good trade Kayak, I had it on my list but missed it. But, I did catch LVS and have a good profit is STN. My best Monday by far.

Good luck everyone, I love your blog X!

Dana said...

lol. TM has always been a peace and love kind of guy.

FlyingJ said...

I love the music on their site:

Global Orgasm

and they have a blog:

Global Orgasm Blog

Anonymous said...

Trader Mike,

Global Orgasm - does that mean you want the world to have an orgasm. Or that you yourself are just going to have a really big orgasm?


Anonymous said...

Beer and orgasms. Nuff said.