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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back to work

I hope everyone has had fun for the past few days. But now it is time to return to the task at hand - making good trades.

It is a new year, and we all start at $0.00. Do you have written goals for what you want to accomplish in 2007? Do you have a written trading plan? Remember, you cannot achieve a goal you do not have.

I recommend that you re-read these posts, as I think they will put you in the correct mindset for success in 2007:

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> Talking about Watchlists, man

And, some of my fellow bloggers have posted good charts and analysis on the market in general, and some specific stocks:

> Trader Mike - Some Charts to Start off 2007
> Wall St. Warrior - NASDAQ Technical Picture

Finally, for those of you who missed one of the most exciting games in College Football history Monday night, take 30 seconds to watch how Boise State proves nothing is impossible - and where there is a will, there is a way. Make that your motto in 2007!

Here is another view of what happened, in case you missed it.



Charles said...

Great post X. Here is to all of us being profitable in 2007. If it is a blowout year, maybe we can meet in NYC at the end of December!!!

Trader-X said...

Charles, I will be in NYC regardless. Put me on your calendar and send me an email in December - we'll get together for beer and pizza at John's.

Kieran said...

I 2nd that - great post.

And great game last night - Boise St is not supposed to beat OU. Two very well executed "trick" plays. Beautiful.

And I am there - re: John's. Of course, I am there every week. But never with X!

Which one?

Trader-X said...

44th. I love Greenwich Village, but the atmosphere is better at 44th. And a decent bar.

Cool - three confirmed.

I am done for the night - see you guys tomorrow.

Michael said...

4. I will be there. A short hop from my office. Are you going to post the day and time in December?

Victoria said...

Count me in. And I will bring a few girlfriends.

; )