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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Brief hiatus

I am taking care of some personal business for a few days and will not be posting much until tomorrow or Friday.

In the meantime visit the bloggers on my BlogRoll, look through my del.icio.us links (lower right), and read my post from last Friday about TRADEthemove.com updates.

And here is something for you to check out. I bet Trader Mike likes it! Program yourself:

Feel free to post any trades in "Comments".



C.J. said...

I hpe all is well X. I will hang out at Victoria's until you are back.

: )

SonofSam said...

I watched that video twice, and now I have the sudden urge to kill people.

Anonymous said...

lol. It motivated me. I made $20K today, and cleaned my house.

Michael said...

oh man, I'm gonna have to replace my trading affimations with this video. :-)

Bullish Jim said...

That video caused me to have a seizure. But I feel really good about it for some reason...