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Friday, January 12, 2007

Good Karma

Those of you who have been reading me for the past few years know the "Good Karma" drill.

I freely share my knowledge and materials, and enjoy communicating with all of you through the blog and via email. There are no strings attached, but I do ask that if you receive any benefit from my writing or gain knowledge that helps you make money that you consider giving something back.

Make a donation to "Good Karma", and that money will help others all year long. My main focus for the past few years has been "adopt a family" projects - with recent years allowing me (and you) to pass the double digit mark in families that were helped.

The bottom-line is this - if you help others, good things will happen to you. If you don't believe me, then skip this message and go on with your life. If you have experienced the "good karma" that comes from helping others, then you know what I am talking about. If you want to find out if "good karma" really exists, then kick in some cash. I guarantee you that good things happen when you help those less fortunate than you. And, no matter what your situation there are plenty of people less fortunate.

Enough of my preaching...if you want to donate, click the "Make a Donation" button on the upper right. The donation is through PayPal - if you don't already have an account, it is free to sign-up (and yes, you can use a credit card).

If you do not want to (or do not have the capacity to) give directly to "Good Karma", you can also give indirectly by making any purchases at Amazon.com from a link on this blog. Click on any Amazon.com link, and make your purchases as you normally would (you don't have to buy the product in the link you click on - just use the link to get to Amazon.com). It does not cost you any more money, and "Good Karma" will get a percentage.

As always, thank you for your support!!

Note - all advertising dollars generated from this site go to "Good Karma". And, I personally match all dollars donated and generated on at least a 2 to 1 basis.


Flatwallet said...


I signed up for TAD. Do you get a referral fee donated to the GoodKarma fund. I know you got it during Christmas. Please let me know, I will forward you the transaction ID.


Trader-X said...

LP, thanks. No not right now. But it does not matter - they are a frequent advertiser and made a nice donation to Good Karma in 2006. I hope you enjoy it and find it beneficial!