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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Q's from Tuesday

posted by Tom C:

This is the QQQQ trade I discussed in "Comments" a few posts back.

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Jason said...

Tom or X,

would ADBL be consider a *beautiful* setup on 15mins base off the first 2 bars? thanks in advance

Randal said...

Jason, I am not X or Tom, but I know from reading every day that X avoids red hammers and hammers with upper tails.

It may very well work, but I would have passed for those reasons. Good luck and I hope you make a lot!

BL said...

CME beautiful 1 bar 30 min hammer. added another 18 pts(543). 555 would be the 1.38 ext.

Anonymous said...

Jason, Victoria has the 10-minute ADBE chart over on her blog.



Jason said...


I looked at the link, and yes it did hit the extension. What she did not mention is, ADBL *never* traded to the extension price( 10 to 10.05)so far today. the high of ADBL is really 9.90. all the prints that created the candles high of 10 to 10.05 are out of market prints. I know because I traded this and endup taking 20 cents when it retraced back down (the best offer today so far never went over 9.90(1:32pm right now)

FlyingJ said...

Both my quote sources show a high of 10.05 on ADBL.

Jason said...

I know, 10.05 is the high of adbl today.
But I am saying the price action never *trade* to there the way it suppose to be. I would have exited at 10(my target) if it did !
all the prints were outside market prints.(with the best offer 9.90 at the time)

Nothing wrong with the concept, I am just saying what you SEE is not what actually happend. ( or my offer at 10 would have been fill )
no complains tho, a winner is a winner.

Gary said...

I actually sold my shares for 10.75 to my next door neighbor. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I am not sure how to report the transaction to the exchange, though.