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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ACH - 030607; 15-minute chart

I have someplace to be, so I will let you answer the three questions on your own.

The only thing wrong with this trade was the entry below the OR high (for that it gets a grade of "B-"). But I could not resist the way it moved sideways into the rising 5MA with narrowing range bars!

note - ignore the long lower tails on the eleventh and thirteenth bars - they appear to be bad prints.

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Gary said...

CTSH did it for me on 15' --half out at 161% and other half at break of 15'--misses NTRI and LEND both 30' charts

Reason for CTSH trade was it caught my eye when the Q s were pilling back in the morning , after initial hic ups CTSH made bullish candles and when Q's pulled back a second time it barely even moved so I thought if Q s take off CTSH would have a good chance for a breakout which is exactly what happened. 15' candle formed exactly at morning OR high so that gave more confidence. And 15 cents risk on a $87 stocks I knew I would have a big "R" winner if I was right :)

J said...

Caught 2 today.

FAF 30M/B6 - Break HI exit 138 FIB
CHS 15M/B9 - Break HI exit 138 FIB (from 2nd candle HI to 1st candle LO)

Hope all did well today.