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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Movie update...

> Trader Jamie published his list here.
> Estocastica published his list here.

I have not heard from Trader Mike, but that is because I suspect his list begins and ends with this soon to be classic!

edit - Trader Mike published his list here.

But what about Black Sheep - come on people!!!



Howie said...

My Lord, that movie looks like it could possibly be the best movie of all time. LOL. Where do you find this stuff?

Michael said...

I just threw this together real quick. I'm sure I've missed some -- http://tradermike.net/movethecrowd/archives/2007/03/my-top-20-movies/

estocastica said...

These are all good attempts but my list still rocks the hardest.

sungk said...

I was travelling in NZ for one year, I should of seen Black Sheep! Heard good things about it. Beautiful country to visit if you ever have time.

Mike said...


If I had thought of Trading Places, it would have made my list of top 20, which is in the origianl thread on this topic. I love that movie.


estocastica said...

You probably would find me in that gym, but only after visiting a local coffee shop or, perhaps, a smart shop.

estocastica said...

Dead Man is another on that almost made the cut. Johnny Depp is brilliant in this film.