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Thursday, March 01, 2007

RealTick problems

My trading platform - RealTick - had major technical issues today and as a result I could not get charts for symbols that began with letters D-R. So that greatly limited my opportunities.

I hope you non-RealTick users had a better day - feel free to post any trades in "Comments" and if there is anything outstanding I will post it later (provided I have charts back).



Tom said...

Very frustrating.

Chris said...

You didn't miss much.

Prospectus said...

It was a great day to fade the opening gap! I noticed that they said the NYSE trading collars were activated today, and I wonder if that had anything to do with it. It seemed like a lot of things just drifted back up, slowly and steadily all day long...

I looked for opening range breaks only, and didn't really find anything. I did have problems with my TD Ameritrade data feed and the NYSE delayed ticks. This latest drop really smacked the system.

Gary said...

Nice charts on LDG SMSI CTB( this one set up multiple times on both 30' and 15')--as I ve said earlier setups that occur simultaneously on 15' and 30' have a very high probability of working out look at 13:00 15' and 30'--and I missed all of these esp SMSI I had in scope. Always a next time.

Terry said...

It seems there are still problems with certain symbols this morning, Friday. Anyone else?

David said...

At times I've had problems with some RealTick charts not updating without recycling.

Worse, on several recent occassions I've had non-intiated buy orders pop up
for longs and others taking out shorts while not in physical contact with the computer and no
Hot Keys activated.
I havn't spoken directly with RealTick about it, but my broker says RT can't find anything unusual in the Logs.
Anyone else ever had this happen?