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Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday's action

I thought Entourage and The Sopranos were great last night.

There are some good opportunities in the market today. DNDN gave a near textbook set-up above the OR high on a break of the eighth bar high. Note the 5MA.

I will post a chart or two later.

edit for Estocastica...can you believe Turtle got killed?

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Artie said...

DNDN was a MONSTER. I got in and out, and left alot on the table. Can't complain though.

X, you have the best blog out there. THanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

dndn here. Took $1 and ran.


estocastica said...

X, I haven't watched Entourage yet, so please don't post a synopsis on your blog like you did for the 24 series premiere! :)

Also caught DNDN...above the 5th 10-min bar. Took half at $1 gain and half at $2 gain. Considered adding to my position when it set up above the OR high, but didn't have the guts. ;)

MillionDollarJourney.com said...

I took away $1 from DNDN using your methods.



Turbowagon said...

X and others,
I am new to daytrading and would value your opinions on the following trades.
1) CEGE, 15-min, entry on break of 8th bar high, Grade=B+, entry within OR

2) CVTX, 15-min, entry on break of 10th bar high, Grade=B-, entry within OR and breach of OR low on 3rd-4th bars

Love the site.

Jeff said...

DNDN was great. I traded it off of 30 minute charts. Entered above the 4th bar at 21.29 and it hit the upper fib quickly. I was out at 23.45. I was watching and it kept going and going after I sold...but I won't complain about a 7.71R gain. I missed out on CEGE because I was too busy watching DNDN :-(

Tom T. said...

FIRE - looks like a good short play? - I did not trade it.

estocastica said...

Can I assume Turtle became the first known marijuana overdose victim? ;)

Trader-X said...

Just giving you a hard time...Turtle will never die!!!

estocastica said...

Wait, so now I know he doesn't die...why must you toy with me like this, X. :)

Brian said...

Ari beat him to death with a baseball bat. The whole scene was oddly out of place.