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Monday, April 23, 2007

Trader-X on hiatus...

posted by Tom C:

X stirred up a hornet's nest with his post earlier.

Rest assured, he has asked me to post and I will continue to do so. And TJ who everyone knows from comments will contribute every now and then.

So while X may be leaving for a while, the Trader-X BLOG will be here going strong. X has created a nice community with some very talented people contributing in comments. I scan them daily looking for posts from the likes of BL, Randal, Barry, TJ, Jamie, Esto and many more names I cannot remember (by the way, many of these people have superb blogs of their own, so always click through their name to get to their site).

So keep checking daily, and keep posting your trades and comments. X called me last night to tell me he was taking a break. He is one of a kind, and we all owe him a lot. I am sure he will be back before we know it.

PS - I also got the secret password for del.icio.us, so I will update those links on the lower right of the sidebar with interesting stories.



S.J.T. said...

Good to know. All hail X, and God Bless!

T. Webb said...

hiatus= 1 week in NYC, 1 week in London!

bl said...

My watchlist consisted of 24(16u 7d) all from premkt and 1st 5 min >$3 >100k vol >2%, or >.50 >$40. Mostly gaps and if you wanted to play the 5 min charts there were ample if you wanted to get it over with: aapl ndaq alan gntx celg jnpr celg. Otherwise celg3/15 vrtx +2/15 ldsh+4/30 pdar13/15 6/30. Traded CELG 9/15 and stopped out. Later in the day I put on a 10 day 30" charts and spotted AKAM 8/30 b/o for coffee. I'll be looking for some longer time frame resistance b/o like LXK

bidmarket said...

where do you get your scans from, i.e, trade- ideas. You get some very nice movers. thank you