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Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome to a new trading week!

posted by Tom C:

We will post a chart or two later this afternoon/tonight. Feel free to post any good (or bad) trades in "Comments".

edit - sorry guys, no X trades for me today. If you had any worth looking at feel free to post them in "Comments".



Clive J said...

Just one trade took my fancy today, albeit a very average "B" grade set-up.

AHM, 15min OR break at $24.80, selling at fib ext'n at $25.29. Could easily have passed on it due to the early action.

Clive J

Charles said...

Nothing for me either. My internet was down all morning.

Donny said...

Tom C., do you trade every day regardless of whether you find X setups? And, what % of your trading is X setups vs. non-X setups?

Thanks for all of your efforts.

Gabriel said...

Hi Tom C.
I did ISE yesterday. Break of the long bar above the ORH. Thought that the one that crossed the ORH was the entry, but was worried for the previous wick and waited. Wonder if the colleagues would have taken it (approx $1,75 payback).

Clive J said...

Looks like another poor opportunity day.

Managed to make small money on CC, BEAS and RRD, the only X set-up being XRAY. Just exited for +60 after 9th 15min bar entry to fib ext.

Think I'll call it a day. Look forward to hearing about your trades, guys.

Clive J