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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The biggest idiot on the Net, and other ramblings...

So there is one dumb ass who has submitted 14+ comments about my political views. I know it is one person because the writing style is exactly the same in every post, and he:

1. Posts as anonymous (grow a set and at least make up a name).
2. Equates a dislike of the current administration to being anti-American and bashing America (what?).
3. Talks about the evils of a Liberal point of view (way to have an open mind).
4. Continuously references Rosie O'Donnell and John Kerry (again, what?).
5. Talks about me not wanting to fight terrorism or protect America (very intelligent argument).
6. Mentions in every post how he thought this was a stock blog, and I need to stick with talking about stocks only (have you read my blog for over 30 days?).

First of all, why are you reading my blog and expending the effort to make over a dozen hate-filled anonymous comments? I never understand this mindset - I know Victoria gets very negative, profanity laced comments from the same person multiple times per week. And other bloggers from Estocastica to Jamie to Mike have experienced the same phenomenon. Don't get me wrong - I am not talking about someone making a comment that disagrees with the post or the blogger; I have no issue with that. I am talking about some loser who hides behind the anonymity of the Internet and gets cheap thrills out of talking big in a forum such as this...because they can not and will not do so if they are ever face to face.

Second, this is MY blog. If you don't like what I do or what I write about, move on. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the Internet - I am sure you can find one that doesn't bring out the worst in you. And for the record, the title of my blog has always said:

"Charts and more charts. Plus sporadic thoughts on the stock market, trading, politics, entertainment, sports, and everything else".

90% of my writing is about the stock market. 10% is about anything else I want to discuss. Again, it is MY blog.

Third, I don't mind people who disagree with my point of view. What I don't understand is people who become agitated to the point of violence. If you cannot have a discussion with someone who disagrees with you without resorting to name calling, bashing, threats, and profanity...well that is just sad. And it tells me something about your maturity and intelligence - or lack thereof.

Fourth, just because I don't like Bush does not mean I hate America. It does not mean that I support terrorism. It does not mean that I don't support our troops. I have a friend in Afghanistan. I have a relative in Iraq. I have donated a sizable amount of money to buy body armor for our troops. What have you done? Do you know how many U.S. Soldiers have died in Iraq? Do you know how many Iraqi civilians have died? Have you given any of your money or time to show your appreciation for their sacrifice? Or do you drive around in your car with a magnetic yellow ribbon on the trunk that says "I support our troops"? When you get your head out of your ass and do 10% of the things I have done, come back and comment.

This country was built on the principle of having a dissenting point of view and being able to express it. It was built on the principle of being able to question our government and our leaders. What is so funny is that eight years ago you were bashing Clinton - so, did you hate America then? You are an ignorant tool.

I like to listen to all points of view and make up my own mind. I even listen to that hypocritical drug addict to see what the other side is thinking. As opposed to being spoon fed what I should think, how I should act, what my viewpoint should be, and who I should vote for...

In closing, it is people like you who give America a bad name. Note that I did not say it is Conservatives who give America a bad name - there are plenty of intelligent Conservatives out there and I respect many of them and their opinions. But it is the close-minded "hate-mongers" who refuse to see any point of view but their own that cause most of the problems in the world. Wake up, take some personal responsibility, learn to think for yourself, and quit being so filled with hate.

And you might consider checking out "The T.A.D. Principle".



sami said...

the same "mentality of people" that held the bible high and claimed that Jesus wants us to enslave blacks are the same people that claimed that god does not want women to vote are the same people that fought against the civil liberties movement and are the same people that claim god wants us to invade other countries and butcher civilians. Filled with hate and arrogance.
They share a common thread, not a single independent thought in their head.

Eternum said...

Welcome to the club. Same old. There are no limits of perfection. Unfortunately including people's idiocy.

Brant said...

yeah, those types of people make me ashamed of being a Republican... agreed that they should be opened-minded, and if they don't like your political views, then they should just not read them. it's your blog and you should be able to post whatever the hell you want. from my perspective, I just ignore the posts bashing Bush and just read the great trade examples... keep up the good work, X.

Paul said...

sorry about the idiot they are everywhere. I think its a shame for any american to bash the president, dem or rep, but can tell your good guy.

A little advice, never let the crazy posters know your are pissed, that is what they want, and they will turn it on more. Laugh it off and tell them to bring more, that will piss them off.

The count down clock should be renamed the count down to repeal the tax cuts (tax raise) and 4.5% raise if you make over 150,000 that is about 6000 grand a year out of our pockets---ouch.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Go Trader-X -
These types are suffering deeply these days, they had their day and see the end of their day approaching...check this out....


with some examples of the dying of their flame.

Anonimouse and Blogless but cheering you on every step.

Mark said...

that was funny but I think you just fed the dog

bl said...

Of course we all get our buttons pushed but it's amazing to me how personalities like Anon gets caught in his web of righteousness and can't see beyond the foxhole he dug for himself. He's cruising the boards to pick a fight. I remember a fellow on Experienced Traders who was a long term value investor and would fight the board's short term trading ideas over and over. I asked many times why and his standard answer was, "I have to be right." I told him he should find a board that reflected his views rather than changing other people's. He's like the flip side of extremist Moslem fundamentalists who exclude all other points of view. It's really all about power and fear of loosing it. I remember a Brother saying, "Being a Br is more about temperment than religious viewpoints, about devotion, not ego." The middle road suits me fine. The world will always have problems to solve ...not by Inquisitions, and not by Jihads and so the show goes on. Good trading!

Trader-X said...

"The count down clock should be renamed the count down to repeal the tax cuts (tax raise) and 4.5% raise if you make over 150,000 that is about 6000 grand a year out of our pockets---ouch."

Now see, that is intelligent and funny.

Stephen said...

As someone who spent 12 months in Iraq, I appreciate all viewpoints. I hope I don't go back, as I don't think I was really doing anything to advance the war on terror there.

Thanks and great blog.

Ken said...

Nice post X. I fall in the middle. I have problems with the war in Iraq, yet I like a lot of policies under Bush.

I agree with you about the yellow ribbon on the car. Most people slap it on and forget about all the people fighting and dying. They think they have done their part with that meaningless gesture.

Keep up the good work.

ADD Trader said...

Okay, I guess I have to put my head on the chopping block.

(Subtitle to post could be “ADD Trader commits trading suicide by publicly challenging Trader-X)....lol.

I was tempted to write this post as “anonymous”. The reason is, is that I have learned so much about trading from reading your blog Trader-X. In addition, I have learned a ton, and been personally helped out by other readers of your blog who tend to be on the left side of the political spectrum (Jamie……….I am looking your way)! From the tone of your posts, you both seem to be the type of people who would not hold a reasonable persons political beliefs against them, just because they are different than yours. But I don’t know you guys personally, and I would hate to be cut off from your trading help if I was wrong.

I am sure you can tell from my writing style that I am not the “anonymous” person that you refer to, but just for your audience out there, “I am NOT the anonymous person that Trader-X refers to”. (Now I feel like Harrison Ford’s character in Presumed Innocent, after he told Raul Julia, “I didn’t do it Sandy”).

The anonymous you refer to, and those who post like him are idiot

In case anyone missed that, the anonymous you refer to, and those that post like him, are idiots.

I do find it odd that you are so surprised that people like him post. This is your blog, and you can post what you want, but I assume that when you make a political post, you are trying to stimulate a discussion. But when you post a “Bush Backwards” clock, an over the top political cartoon, or a goofy picture of the President with the caption “A picture is worth a thousand words...” what type of person do you think will respond to that? The message is, “Bush is an idiot” That is not the type of hyperbole that is going to solicit a response from a William Buckley type. My political views may be 180 degrees different that Hillary Clinton, but I don’t think she is evil, bad, malicious, or an “idiot.” I think she believes she has the country’s best interests at heart, but just has a different idea of how to achieve them.

I call myself a conservative, but I think Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity are reactionaries (see, I did not do an ad hominem attack on them). I believe that drugs and prostitution should be legal, and that abortion should be allowed up to the end of the first tri-mester. I also think going to Iraq was the right move.

The reason everyone thinks the war is such a mess has more to do with our 24/7 media coverage than it does with this war going any worse or better than any other. What war in history wasn’t a mess? When was there a war where there weren’t civilian casualties, friendly fire deaths, or daily killings of our soldiers? The problem with most people out there is that they have no perspective or knowledge of history, and their view of what a war is supposed to be like, is from movies they have seen.

And every thing that goes bad in this war, is immediate beamed around the world, repeated and quoted, accurately or inaccurately, ad nauseum. And it is basically 95% of the bad stuff that that is reported, because the media's job is to report “Man bites dog”, not “dog bites man”. It is what they do, I don’t fault them for it, but I have to take it with a huge grain of salt. Imagine if we had embedded reporters (something this administration has fully supported), back in World War II. I would see Wolf Blitzer, on the streets of Berlin, reporting a story about how Allied bombs just hit a civil defense bunker, and 100 innocent German citizens were killed. Then he would go to the hospital and show pictures of little “G√ľnter” who lost his leg in the raid. Point is, who could stomach that. Is it any coincidence that the most “righteous” and popularly supported wars in our history were ones where if news ever did get back to your local newspaper, it was four weeks old at best, and always had a “Look what great thing we did” slant to it. Or said another way, is it any coincidence that the first major war (Vietnam) that the population turned against was the first one in which video of our soldiers and civilians being killed was beamed into our living room nightly?

The war has not gone perfect, but I support it. Here is why. On Sept 12th of 2001, every single person you would have asked would have said we would be attacked again, numerous times. But six years later, there has not bee one attack. Why? Because Iraq is the magnet that is pulling the people who want to kill us, away from the US. And we are dealing with them there, with our best trained soldiers, not in downtown Los Angeles, with the LAPD. Are we creating more terrorists, maybe, but it is not like the average, moderate, Islamist was suddenly converted to a rabid Jihadist. Chances are, if we left Iraq, most of those we are fighting would not just go back to working at the flower shop and leading a nice, peaceful life. It is like when you find out you have cancer. You feel alright, you look alright, but inside you, something is preparing to kill you. You will have to undergo chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, all horrific, invasive procedures, in order to kill it. The treatment may not work, or it may kill you itself. But one thing is for sure. If you ignore it, and pretend it is not there, it will kill you eventually. The Radical Jihadists that want to kill us were already there in Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. We could have pretended they were not, but instead, we went to Iraq, and drew them out. That is the treatment, and we will have to see if it works, but we know for sure that if we didn’t go, it would have given them time and comfort to make more plans to kill us on our own soil.

What about the cost? I have friends in Iraq. I have sponsored numerous events to support the troops and send them the comforts of home. Do I want to see them die? Of course not. How many deaths are acceptable? None! Everybody knows this. But here is what the cold hard facts say.

We have lost 3000+ soldiers and 400 million dollars in roughly 5 years of war.

In just 60 minutes, we lost 3000 people on 9-11.

In the first 30 seconds after the market opened post 9-11, we lost three quarters of a trillion dollars. By the end of the week, 1.5 trillion dollars. This was money out of IRA’s, 401K’s, Pensions, real people’s money, not just rich corporations. It is estimated that total revenues and wealth lost from 9-11 due to the market, insurance losses, the travel industry losses, etc., exceeded 5 trillion.

In Korea we lost 36,000+
In Vietnam 58,000+
In WWI 116,000+
In the Civil War 364,000+
In WWII 405,000+

My God, over 41 million CIVILIAN deaths were caused in WWII, with Russia alone losing 11 million civilians.

Points is, every life is precious. Stalin said, “One death is a tragedy, but a million deaths is a statistic.” The price we have paid so far in terms of lives and money is not even a drop in the bucket compared to other wars, and it has ensured that more lives and money has no been lost so far.

And Bush, what about him? Is he perfect? No! But I firmly believe he is the Churchill/Truman of his time. In the 30’s, Churchill was adamant about the threat the Hitler was becoming, by violating the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, and rearming Germany. He was called a war monger, and was shunned by the more “intelligent” in Western Europe. Neville Chamberlin got off a plane in England, after meeting with, and signing a non-aggression pact with Hitler. He stated, that they had achieved, “Peace in our time.” Less that one year later, Hitler was tearing across Europe, beginning what would become the bloodiest conflict in our time. It is well documented that Hitler told his armies when they entered the Sudetenland, that if they encountered any resistance, to turn back. It Great Britain had followed Churchill’s warning about Hitler, millions of lives may have been spared.

Truman had a favorability rating of 28 percent when he left after his second term. He had made hard decisions, that he was criticized for in his day, like recognizing Israel, dropping the atomic bombs, and going into Korea. He was very unpopular; however, he is now widely regarded as one of the five to ten greatest presidents we have ever had.

Both these men were not recognized in their time for their greatness (hey, kinda like me…lol), but history found otherwise. I think the same will happen for Bush. After the Limbaugh’s, Michael Moore’s, and such are relegated to sad footnotes of history, the courage of Bush’s decision will stand the test of time.


I had a little time on my hands so I thought I would ramble. I do enjoy all aspects of your blog. I do think “anonymous” is an idiot. I respect your opinions, and I hope I am still welcome in this forum.

ADD Trader

Mark said...

uhhh.... please tell me that the Bush tax cuts are not getting taken away - if the democratss try to raise our taxes by even a dollar I may have to vote for Nadar or god help me a rep... i cant even say it. Edwards and Obama said they would repeal the cuts but Hillary didnt, which is smart on her part.

greytrader said...

I think Bush is very entertaining... Did you see him with the Queen, stating that she witnessed our bicentenial in 1776 !!! :-) She is just 81 years old !


At least he has a sense of humor.

GBR said...

ADD, could you hook me up with the Cliff's Notes version of that?

Keep going X! We need to convert as many as possible before 2008!

ADD Trader said...

Come on gbr.....it's Spark Notes now.....Cliff Notes are "old school"......lol.

ADD Trader

Rich said...

Great point about Clinton. Every last one of these people who bitch about hating America and supporting Bush no matter what was calling for the impeachment of Clinton. Rush would not exist without Clinton. It is such hypocrisy. They spent 8 years undermining and bashing, and the guy never did 1/10 of what Bush did to F up this country.

OONR7 said...

ADD Trader... I respect your opinion. But you talk about people being against the war like it was a JUST war. As if Sadamm had ordered the strikes himself. I don't know why we went to war, but something tells me that the decision-makers saw Iraq as an easy target. I was never for the war and the sooner the troops can get out of Iraq the better - 3,000+ lives is too many in an unjust war.
You also say we haven't been attacked in 6 years... well, we weren't attacked for 8 years during the Clinton years after 1993... did that make us safe? You think Al-Queda (sp?) just decides on Friday to plan a major attack next Wednesday??? Come on.
War is not the answer. Better intelligence is. Better information to help disrupt these plans. Terrorism isn't a country we can invade and conquer. It's hatred for a free society that burns in someone's heart.
Invading Aghganistan and trying to find Osama... the person behind the attacks was a JUST cause. What ever happened to that goal??? Did we really think sending 15,000 troops was going to do the trick??
If we were really worried about countries with weapons of mass destruction and possibly using them against the US... why didn't we invade North Korea or Iran?? Well, one reason would be that they can fight back!!!
We've spent 1/2 a trillion dollars on this unjust war. We would need tax cuts with that kind of money.

Anonymous said...

hi x love your blog. that person is a moron who should have his head examined. more civilians have died in iraq since the occupation than under saddam's rule. but these assholes will never get it once it supports the zionist cause regardless of the fallout to american world leadership. i suggest you accept comments with e:mail address only, such as addtrader does. keep up the good work

ADD Trader said...

Thanks for the reply oonr7 (by the way, another person who has helped me greatly in trading, by his great posts).

You and I could debate many of these points, and probably find a lot of agreement between us. But both of us have made points without resorting to name calling or bashing. If there was more of that on both sides, we would be better as a nation, and people would listen to each other more.

ADD Trader

John M. said...

"But I firmly believe he is the Churchill/Truman of his time."

add, give me some of what you are smoking. You really compare Bush invading Iraq to Churchill being adamant about the threat from Hitler?

You guys are so brainwashed it is not funny.

OONR7 said...

ADD.. I totally agree. See, that was easy.

ADD Trader said...

John M.

You nailed me!

I was actually smoking something WHILE they were brainwashing me.

Thanks for the well-infomed, thoughtful post.

ADD Trader

Jamie said...


Are actually typing these comments, or are you dictating them into that new software?

ADD Trader said...

Hi Jamie,

I actually typed this. It is obviously a passionate topic for me, and I can type/think faster than the software (or the speed I can speak into the software and still be accurate).

Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands..........lol.

The software works great when you can speak at a measured pace.

ADD Trader

Paul said...

Democrats have no chance at 08 for one reason - NATIONAL SECURITY - the american people dont trust them and it will be the number one theme in 08 like it was in 04. If the Dems would stop trying to take away the patriot act, woult stop screamng torture over interogating terriorist, and pass the damn John Doe Act, and act and SAY terriorism is a problem then they would be looked on as a credible party and win big. But they wont and will cater to the wacky left and Al Sharptons of the world. These are just facts, if the democrats wise up to this then they will win - if not the repulicans will bring it up over and over and American people want to be secure. But if the democrats talk tough on terror (even fake it) they will could win big in 08. And if what happen at Fort Dixon is not a message to the Dems to get tough then I dont know what is and are really out of touch with MAJORITY of americans.

One quick thing the John Doe act, which the Democrats are blocking, says the you can not be sued for reporting terriorism or suspous behavior. The 6 flying imans who acted up on the plane in Min. and tried to draw attention are now trying to sue the PASSENDERS who reported there activity. Basically terriorist are trying to scare Americans into saying nothing. Now think how the American people are going to react when that is played over and over in AD bashing the dems leading up the 08 election. Wake up Democrats you are your own worst enemy stop bowing to these luney minority groups.

Anonymous said...

I am independant and need to weigh in why I voted for Bush or really against Kerry.
-- Michael Moore
-- Jesse Jackson
-- AL Sharpton
--Holloywood Big mouths
-- and all those anti protesting freaks who block traffic and attack the police force.
-- and everytime I see someone scream race (like Katrina get off your but and leave the city you only had 3 days warning unlike Kansas)

Every time I see them I say I cant vote for that party so again I am forced to vote the other way.

Not leaving my name so I dont get attacked just a thought from someone who doesnt like either party.

Nice blog- fun

Mark said...

is this a record for the # of comments? As long as Obama doesnt get voted in I think both parties are the same. Hill would be tough on terror (I think) but the country would be even more divided then now.Mccain NO way - Rudy would make a good president, seems like the average Joe and would be tough on terror. Edwards is the biggest fake of all.

Joao Henrique said...

X, great post. Instead of thinking on war politicians were suppose to protect life. Money spent on Iraq war could be a great help on Africa and thousands of innocent lives could be spared.

To the people who believe this war was the right thing to do, I would say: be a little skeptical and don´t blindly believe on everything president Bush government say to you. Think for yourself and try to see what kinds of interests could be behind this war. After that reflection, if you still belive this war was the right thing, fine. But think for yourself. Don´t let people think for you.