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Friday, May 04, 2007

It's Friday!

posted by Tom C:

Good news - X will be back Monday! I failed at my mission to make a post a day - as easy as it seems, sometimes I just run out of time. That is why I mentioned a few days ago that I have a lot of respect for the bloggers that post every day.

I WILL post a few charts over the weekend, so check back. In the meantime check out the trades over at Esto's blog and Jamie's blog. And FYI - Jamie does a good job of breaking down the pre-market action if you are looking for another source to build your watchlist.



Randy said...

Good job Tom. Glad X is coming back. Anybody know what happened to Trader Mike? No posts since Tue, and comments turned off...

Clive J said...

Good to hear X will be back with us next week. Thanks for your good work, Tom.

Randy - I thought Trader Mike was away for a week?

My best trading day for ages. 15-min set-ups (X-ish) on CNET, CRAY, RDEN, MOBE and ZOLT. Also a rare 30-min set-up for me on CECO.

Also made money on RIO, DNDN & THOR. (RIO being almost identical to HURN I mentioned yesterday)

After that lot, I need a break now!

Hope you all traded well. Have a great weekend!

Clive J.

Zoomie said...

Trader X was gone? ;)
(I have been slammed more than once by The Master....any cheap shot I can get in....I will).

Jamie said...


Trader Mike took the week off. He'll resume regular postings on Monday.