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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Loss, Strain, and Butterflies*

My good friend Estocastica decided to retire from blogging and I wish him well. We all have priorities that change, and blogging can be a thankless job - his need to focus on other things is understandable and admirable.

Esto was always good to me - so much so that I often wondered if I was secretly sending him money to talk me up! Most of you were avid readers of his blog - as was I. I learned a lot from him and should he ever decided to come back I will welcome him and put him back on my daily "must read"! Or, if he wants to make some posts on this blog, he always has an open door!

Speaking of which, I also learned a lot from Estocastica's contributor - OONR7. As with Esto, he is always welcome to contribute here! He has a unique approach, and I think it would fit well with Tom C and myself...

Now to blog stuff:

There will be some changes over the next few weeks at the "Trader-X blog" - all for the better I hope! Tom C. is going to start posting 10-minute charts, as he has adapted his trading to that timeframe and done very well with it over the past 60 days.

As for me, my posts have always had a laser-like focus...my intent was to provide consistent set-ups so that you - the reader - could see things working over and over and it would hopefully benefit your trading. But my posts here are just a subset of the trading I do, and I plan to share more of my methods in the days ahead. So stay tuned.

Finally, I have been talking with Victoria from Victoria's Box - she is trying to decide how to move forward with her blog, as it is not her top priority and she is concerned about her inconsistent posting patterns. I told her that she can post charts here on a weekly basis, and keep her blog going for the soft porn...that should appease most of her readers!!! Hopefully she will be on board in the next few weeks, because she posts some interesting charts...if you have not checked out her blog, go take a look.

PS - I hope you are feeling better DAA!

* the first one that gets this reference (from the title of this post) gets a free Happy Meal from McDonalds...


Randal said...

"I'm looking for a soul to cling to, yeah...
So what you think about that?
This time, well it all comes down
to loss and strain and butterflies,
and then it comes right down to me."

Where do I pick up my Happy Meal?

So it will be you, Tom C., maybe OONR7, and Victoria? What a powerhouse site.

Taylor said...

Sorry to see Esto go, he was great. But happy about what you are planning to do here. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Soft porn rules. What was the rest of your post about?

john said...

esto would be a great addition to your site as well...randal is right...what a powerhouse

Tom T. said...

I like the consistent set-ups you provide, but there are setups I find that look like yours and then fail. I wish you would post failures and explain the failure or explain what sign told you to stay out where the untrained eye would think it was a similar type of successful setup.

Anonymous said...

Tom T, that is what "Comments" are for - post any trades you have questions about and usually several people will address your trade and give you feedback.

Tom C.

Charles (in San Fran) said...

Great to hear. I look forward to all the positive changes.

Mark said...

Ok - this may sound like a dumb question. Fulltime trader for about 6 monthes, do Ok and pay the bills. My question is to X and full time traders, when your out, social setting, and your asked what you do for a living what do you say? I always get that look like I have 4 eyes or your a gambler. Anyone have another word they use or phase - investor? security trader? This has bugged me for a while had to ask someone.

MIsstrade said...

Trader X, its tough to blog all day, but for me its about the process of finding trades and creating an online journal. Lots of naysayers out there, which I am always suprised by as I thought all the flamers were on message boards, but I guess they are everywhere. Esto was a good man and will be missed. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Mark - I just tell people I manage money for a private group.

John M. said...

Why are people talking about you getting married? Say it ain't so!

Anonymous said...

i dont tell people anything. i still have my biz to run PT. ive heard traders say that they run small hedge funds. people dont understand trading, & when they find out you are "in the market", they usually want a hot stock "tip".


Jason said...


Your post and offer mean very much to me. Over the past year, every positive item I wrote about yourself or your blog were truthful. Great personalities are the lifeblood of a vibrant, beneficial blog, and this one is brimming over the rim.

Wow, I really appreciate everyone's sentiments in the comments. I had no idea anyone really cared that much about it. But life is a dynamic beast and one must shift with the tide, not only to survive, but to elevate.

Thanks to everyone who read my blog. There are many of you that I will miss, but I am still trading (although less frequently) and will make a point to stop by every once in awhile.

Trader-X said...

Randall, you know the lyrics. But you didn't mention anything else!

Tom T., Tom C. is right - post failed trades in "Comments" and we will try to answer. We don't always do a great job, so you may have to post more than once...but, usually you will get some responses.

Mark, I would go with Money Manager and try to avoid details. Or, manage money/investments for a private group like the other person said.

John M, I think TG started that. All I know is I always get rejected!

Esto - you are welcome any time!

Everyone else - thanks for the good comments.

jason s. said...

The song title is from the band Tabitha's Secret with Rob Thomas, which was a sorta precursor to Matchbox 20.

Do I get to steal the Happy Meal from Randal? Or are you looking for more details??

I'm in Houston, so I could stop by to pick it up!

I'm vegan however, so I'd have no use. Randal can have it if he wants it still.

Daniel S. said...

Estocastica I learned alot from you. Good luck brother.

Trader-X said...

I am impressed Jason! You can still get the McNugget Happy Meal...I don't think there is any real animal in there, even though it has "Chicken" in front of it.

Van said...

Good luck, Esto. Maybe this is the part of the song X was thinking of:

Did you find a piece of something
Wrapped around the light side of your life
To make you feel better?
Did you get out with your sanity?
Did you save a little something for the people in need?
Did you know with the rain in your pockets, you can change the weather?

StockRake said...

Wow Tabitha's Secret. That brings back memories.

My band opened for them after they became Matchbox 20 in Gainesville.

Saw them as Tabitha's Secret in Ybor City at a music conference a long time ago.