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Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday's charts

posted by Tom C:

Today begins and ends with MICC for me. Look at the 8th bar on the 10-minute chart, and the 12th bar (above the Fibonacci extension set-up).

X is working out some technical issues, so I will (or he will) post this chart over the weekend.

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William B. said...

Nice trade. It was on my list, but I just watched. I like the 10 minute charts though.

Eternum said...

Tom, William,

I missed MICC completely today :-( What scan parameters do you guys use?

bl said...

MICC FCSX came up on a >1% >$40 new high scan. I saw MICC 8/10"hammer 4/15"doji or 2-3/15offsetting, 2/30"hammer breaks. In using the 10" chart Tom are you looking for more of the 5 ema closeness to a candlestick, or rising past ORH for a trigger? It would be a faster trigger than the 15" obviously but they all seem to be in the same vicinity 87.15-43. If you drew a horizontal line from ORH to the 5 ema that is where one would buy or the 7/10" or 87 but the ema is always behind that intersection so best wait for a confirmation, 8/10".

Anonymous said...

No scans, click on links to key posts at the top of the page for info on finding gaps.