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Monday, June 04, 2007

Welcome to a new week!

I remember when I served 3-5 for downloading Iron Maiden songs from a file sharing site back in 2001. Now the man is trying to stick it to this guy:

"US FEDERAL authorities have charged a Chicago man with copyright violations for allegedly uploading several episodes of Fox's "24" on the internet before the show's season premiere earlier this year.

Jorge Romero, 24, used a web site to download the first four episodes of the sixth season of "24" and then uploaded them to LiveDigital.com, according to a federal complaint filed in Los Angeles on Friday.

The episodes appeared online more than a week before their television debuts on January 14 and 15.

Mr Romero was charged with one felony count of uploading copyrighted material to a publicly accessible computer network knowing the work was intended for commercial distribution.

He has agreed to surrender at the US District Courthouse in Chicago on Tuesday, when arrangements will be made for his travel to Los Angeles, Department of Justice spokesman Thom Mrozek said.

It was not immediately known whether Mr Romero had retained an attorney. Email and phone calls to addresses listed in court documents as Mr Romero's were not immediately returned.

If convicted, Mr Romero faces a maximum of three years in prison."



stephen said...

Fan bois sure are getting revenge. 3 years for posting spoilers......

Jimmy said...

Iron Maiden songs? 3-5 is so worth it. They kick ass.

bl said...

Some good premt gap(22) continuations and reversals: qgen celg answ frpt mflo sndk adgy dndn lrcx hans. Lofty oils from the open!!

David said...

I wish I could have gotten a piece of QGEN...