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Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's "no-short" Thursday!

I am in the process of putting together a "Trader-X Q & A" to answer questions from emails and comments posted over the past week. I will put it up Friday or Saturday, so check back. I will try to address such questions as "Are you blogging again, or is this just a fluke?", "How do you feel now that the Yankees aren't going to the playoffs for the first time in 356 years?", and "Have you been doing black ops on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border?".

On another note, this caught my attention...and it has not gotten the visibility it should:

When asked how they arrived at the 700 Billion dollar number, a Treasury spokesman told Forbes.com "It’s not based on any particular data point, we just wanted to choose a really large number."

You can't make this stuff up guys.

In other news - cancel the debate? Give me a break...the latest polls show Obama with a 9 point lead over McCain. My speculation is that McCain's camp wants to postpone the Obama/McCain debate and use it as an excuse to postpone Palin's debate with Biden...because given Palin's performance (or lack of) over the past week, that event could be the nail in the coffin.

Josh Marshall offers another explanation (I still like mine):

Perhaps this will shine an unflattering light on my psyche. But, like many of you, I have a busy schedule, with lots of work obligations and meetings. I also end up doing a decent number of panel discussions and speeches, though I try hard to keep those to a minimum. And like everyone, sometimes I get tired or overwhelmed and I wish I could get out of this or that responsibility.

Occasionally in these moments, in a perverse kind of private entertainment, I've found myself imagining what would happen if I pawned off on someone just the ballsiest, most inane excuse for flaking on some commitment. And not something that people might buy -- nothing entertaining about that -- but just something completely off the wall and nonsensical. What would people's reaction be? Speechless, laughter, tearing me limb from limb? Would they ever speak to me again?

So, let's see, I can't moderate the panel because I've been called to Washington to give a special briefing on guerilla tactics to be used against the Taliban?

Or maybe, I want to be at the meeting, but as weird as this sounds, all the bridges and tunnels out of Manhattan have been shut for the day. Some counter-terrorism thing probably. I tried renting a helicopter but they're all booked by people at the UN.

Isn't this pretty much what John McCain tried to pull today? But actually really did it? And on a national stage? He wants to cancel the debate? And maybe also Palin's debate. Are you kidding? Why not cancel the election too? And because he has to go back to DC to solve the financial crisis? Really? The topic he knows nothing about and after he's shown up less in the senate in the last two years than anyone but Tim Johnson, the guy who had the stroke? Which of my employees is going to call from home tomorrow and say they can't come to work because of the financial crisis?

One of the advantages of running a presidential campaign is that roughly half the country is deeply committed to believing or at least saying that virtually anything you do or say makes sense. And so it is here. But, look, if you were living in the real world, if you were some hotshot young executive at a Fortune 500 company trying to rise in the ranks, and you pulled some whacked crap like this, it would probably get you blackballed permanently. People would think you were either deeply unreliable or maybe just had a screw loose. And yet here he is -- is he kidding? He can't debate Barack Obama because he's got to go to Washington and save the economy? It's like the biggest 'dog at my homework' in history.



Jamie said...

Superhero tactics about saving the world might work with 7 year olds, but they can't vote. This is a desperate move by an ailing campaign.

Todd B. said...

It is scary that people are still brainwashed into voting for McCain. Palin's interviews and public appearances have been disasters, his campaign has told nothing but lies, and now this cheap stunt when he finds out he is down near double digits.

Wake up, America.