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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reading this blog - categories, labels

There is a lot of information on this blog.

Pre-2008, I attempted to group the posts into categories using del.icio.us. You can access those pre-2008 categories here:

See my more detailed post on what posts can be found under what category here.

Since my return to blogging in September 2008, the blogger platform has been updated with the ability to assign labels to a post. So, there is no need to duplicate that effort with del.icio.us. The labels appear after each post, and on the right sidebar. Click on a label to see all posts associated with it - but remember, only posts since September 2008 will be under that label (I am still playing with labels to make them meaningful and you may see some changes over the next few weeks). For older posts, use the del.icio.us categories as outlined above.

Also note there is a Google search box at the top of every page - it works great when searching for key words.

Finally, this is a good time to remind new readers and everyone else to visit the links at the top of every page (under the heading "PLEASE READ BEFORE EMAILING QUESTIONS") for FAQ, Key Posts, and other information* that probably answers 99% of the questions you might have.

*I will try to edit/update some of these posts in the upcoming months, but most of them are timeless!



Greytrader said...

Using 5 minute charts instead of 15, your watch list must be a lot shorter. I assume you cycle through your list every 5 min ? How do you pick from the 40+ gappers you use to come up with daily ?

Nice to have you back...

Trader-X said...


The answer is simple. I MISS a lot of opportunities because I can't cycle through the list every 5-minutes. Since I also focus on the Futures now, it more than makes up for what I miss on individual stocks. But, I do miss a lot.

Also - I still use 15-minute charts. In fact, I try to cycle through those on the 15-minute mark...though sometimes I fail at that too.

Trader-X said...

Also, to give you a specific answer - I try to only focus on the top 20 on my watchlist (as you know, I sort by volume so these are the top 20 in volume).

If I am bored, I may work my way down the list further - but what shows on my screen (without scrolling) are the top 20.