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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell endorses Obama

WASHINGTON — Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president on Sunday morning, calling him a “transformational figure” who has reached out to all Americans with an inclusive campaign and displayed “a steadiness, an intellectual curiosity” and “a depth of knowledge” in his approach to the nation’s problems.

The endorsement, on the NBC public-affairs program “Meet the Press,” was a major blow to Senator John McCain, who has been a good friend of Mr. Powell’s for decades. Mr. Powell, a Republican, has advised Mr. McCain in the past on foreign policy.

Mr. Powell told Tom Brokaw, the host of “Meet the Press,” that he had been disturbed in recent weeks by the negative tone of Mr. McCain’s campaign, particularly its focus on Mr. Obama’s passing relationship with William Ayers, a 1960s radical and founder of the Weather Underground. The McCain campaign has sought to promote the idea that Mr. Obama is “palling around with terrorists,” in the words of Mr. McCain’s running mate, Governor Sarah Palin, because of Mr. Obama’s weak links to Mr. Ayers.

Read the rest here.

In the video below, Powell talks about the negativity of the McCain campaign - I have not heard anyone address it better. He also offers some great observations regarding taxes.



Anonymous said...

great video, great blog, greata man, next secretary of defense? I hope so.

PW said...

I liked what he said also. Good post, now I can't wait to see what the haters will say b/c I'm sure they will be out in full force.

Sam said...

I like the way the right wingers are attcking Powell now. Weren't they trying to get him to run for office a few years ago?