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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Everybody's working for the weekend

The above applies if you are an investor. But if you are a daytrader, the volatility and moves are extraordinary and the profit potential is amazing. I will miss it when we revert back to the mean.

As I mentioned earlier this week, posts will be more sporadic than usual through November 4th. As promised, I am finishing the post on plotting Fibonacci lines - it has turned into a monster and I hope to have it up this weekend.

I will also update the Dow chart, and try to post a chart or two over the next few days.

For U.S. readers - can you vote early? I voted yesterday, and I encourage you to Google your state and "early voting" to find out when you can vote and where. It beats standing in line on November 4th. Here is the information if you live in Texas.


R.J. said...

The market is INSANE. I don't want to short, because I keep thinking we will get a bounce. Every time it tries to rally it rolls over.


Anonymous said...

lol. I think that comment marked the bottom for the day.